The Indian Railways Travel Guide for First-Time Travelers

You need to have made up your mind to travel by train in the event that you are reading this informative article. Don’t think. The Indian Railways is amazing! Trotting through India, covering over 60,000 kilometers’s, these lovely trains are going to give you memories, ., and absolute enjoyment lessons

By figuring out what to expect from your journey and the way the system works, you may be put in a fix. With this particular article, I will attempt to facilitate the majority of your uncertainties. Hopefully, when you're finished reading so, you are going to have a fair notion of how to proceed in and things to expect in the Indian Railways.

This is a comprehensive guide to assist you with everything from booking your ticket to staying comfortable and safe!

Booking the Ticket

Reserve Indian railway ticket
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Booking tickets are now much more easy, now you can book tickets online.

For E Ticket reservation, you'll need to enroll on the Indian Railways web site first.
After you have an account and have booked a ticket on the specified train, all you need to do is take a print-out and carry it along with you about the day of departure. Easy peasy, isn’t it? The sole catch is that you could make a maximum of four bookings a month, and each ticket can book six passengers at most.
Visit FAST-TICKET BOOKING on how best to navigate your way through electronic booking for a graphic guide. After that you can assess train reservation status with pnr status

You might reserve an I-ticket via the exact same website. Here you reserve the ticket online, but it is couriered to your own place. For a pictorial guide on how best to navigate your path through booking an I-ticket, see I-Ticket Guide.

You could book a ticket in person for yourself, should you not need to avail these services. You may get this done on any raierlway station in the united states. The ticket counters are often open from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and until lunchtime on weekends. You can also obtain a ticket yourself when the train is about to depart, but you may not get a seat if it is a busy train.

You should check on whether the chart has been prepared for your train or not should you want to cancel your ticket. You can only cancel your booking when the chart hasn’t been prepared, by paying anything between Rs.60/- and Rs.240/-, depending on the category you had booked your seat in. In the event the chart was prepared already, you cannot cancel your booking. You will not have the right to any refund either.

Selecting the Category

Indian railways types wiki
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The Second Class General Compartment is the cheapest means to travel, if you want my opinion, as well as the most adventuresome. Picture getting up to use the toilet and coming back with your seat occupied by somebody else. Yep, that is how it is definitely going to be like in this Group.

Travelling in the Next Sleeper Class is going to be the most workable alternative if you are a budget traveller. It is structured in a fashion that three berths each face each other. There are just two berths privately. While booking your ticket, you are able to enter your berth preference. If you should be not short, the Side Berths may end up being a bit uncomfortable for sleep, so choose accordingly.

The AC 3-Tier Sleeper as well as the AC 2-Tier Sleeper are more expensive and comfy compared to the Second Sleeper Class. The Very First AC is top-notch and most luxury.

On the Day of Departure

On the Day of Departure
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I would advise you to get to the railway station at least 40 minutes prior to the departure time. Likely, or you would have to carry your luggage all the method to the station haggle using a coolie and have him do it. Locate your compartment, additionally, you will have to inspect the chart and place your bag. All of this is time-consuming, disorderly, and high -intensity. You won't desire to get this done in a hurry.

Do not forget to take your ticket. Carry two copies to be safe. Additionally carry a valid ID proof alongside you. All these are musts, and also you don’t desire to forget to carry these along at any cost!


Indian railways TTE
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The Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE) checks your ticket. You'll usually see him in a dark coloured blazer, with clipboards and notepads in his hands.

He is the man for many of your queries. If you need to be aware of the timings of the train he can help you. He could be also the man you need to contact in the event you intend to change your compartment update or / berth your class. You may even contact him in the instance of of any medical emergency.

Handling your Baggage

Bags in Indian railways
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You may really have to carry your bags by way of a number of stairs to reach your stage, which will prove to be rather tiresome. In this scenario, or perhaps otherwise, you might want to hire a coolie for yourself.

Coolies are often identifiable; these are men dressed in red and white, waiting on a lookout for prospective customers outside the railway station. Whatever price they quote to you'll be excessive. There is always scope for bargaining and haggling.

They truly are essentially there that will help you take your bags but you may also utilise their services in helping you adjust your bag in your compartment.

Once inside your compartment, have the bags placed beneath the berths in the space. This is very time-consuming and you'll be needing extreme cooperation from your own fellow passengers. You will find opportunities your bags will likely be piled in a way they'll be rendered inaccessible, so always keep a tiny handbag/ bag with you with all of your essentials.

You will be supplied with clean sheets, blankets and towels from the Railways so don’t fret about that. Yet, I do recommend you to take a spare hand-towel yourself, just in case.


food in Indian railway
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While food is offered by some trains, most don’t. You are able to rely on the sellers on the station or the stores and eateries on the railway station, in case yours doesn’t.

Many eateries deliver food right to your own seat, which means you do sit in the restaurant to eat and n’t need to leave the train. This saves you from the chance of missing your train as well as makes things more convenient. Apart from that, you can buy food in the vendors on the station, but be particular about the standard and hygiene of your purchase.

All said and done, don’t forget to take some noshing that was solid with you. Ensure the snacks are storable, since should they go rancid, you will have difficulty managing it. You'd likewise desire the bites to not be wet.


Most coaches in the train will probably be equipped with four toilets, two of which is Indian in Western that is style as well as another two. Normally, the ones that are Indian will likely be cleanser. Rather take your own toilet paper and soap though the train has essentials.

Outside the bathrooms, you will possess a wash basin installed. It is possible to take advantage of this bowl to brush your teeth when the bathrooms are crowded, and bathe your face.

Some Additional Suggestions

Always, always, regardless of what class you're travelling in, lock your bag having a padlock. Take good care of your possessions. Don’t let your matters out of sight, not your slippers
Keep ID proof and your ticket through the entire journey along with you
Do not allow the coolies extort from you
Definitely carry a little handbag/purse that contains essentials and will not take much space
Bring along a good novel or the like to keep yourself occupied
Take light lunching for yourself
Loud snorers are extremely common, so carry earplugs or earphones for sound sleeping
Keep a hand sanitizer easy
Don’t anticipate the train to reach the destination
Have a great time and make lots of memories!

Have a comfortable and safe journey!

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Indian Railway PNR status about | how to check

PNR in the Indian railways system stands for Passenger Name record, it comprises the passenger details as captured from fields filled in the web booking form or the railways booking form. The computerized reservation system generates this ten digit unique PNR number. (CRS) and printed on the top left hand corner of the train ticket.

The requirement for checking the newest Indian railway PNR status appears in these circumstances:

Monitoring advancement of ticket that is booked. Assess the present status of the ticket in the event the ticket is in waiting list or RAC (booking against cancellation) when booked.

Examine the train status when the train is late / cancelled or on time. There are several other sources other than PNR also to locate this.

Position claim in the railways ( filing to TDR) in case of train cancellation, ticket cancellation within 2 two hours before departure (after chart is prepaid) and after departure of train.

The newest railway status PNR could be checked by the next ways

PNR status through Internet

1) Around the Web site of IRCTC (Indian railways catering and tourism corporation), a part of the Indian railways. Go to this link and enter the PNR number. User Name and password is required with this website. In the event that you do not have a brand new one can be generated by you and can be used in all further interactions with this specific site

2) Indian railways official site Select the PNR status link on this page or viit the page directly by the next link This info can be available on the website in addition to PNR number

a) Trains between important stations.

b) Train / Fare accommodation.

c) Train enquiry

d) Other information associated with Railway

e) Zonal railway maps, Booking locations, Layout of the berth, Internet reservation etc.

PNR status mobile phone

Passenger/Public can get the machine through PSTN network and they can get present status of reservation as well as availability of accommodation in a variety of classes of a particular train in three languages i.e. Hindi, English & Local language. The device prompts through voice guidance to select languages, train number, PNR number and date. Telephone the Indian railways PNR enquiry number at 139 and follow the IVRS to understand your PNR/booked ticket’s standing.

Assessing PNR status through SMS services

Depending on your conditions and convenience there are a couple of system to test the PNR status using SMS out of your cellular phone. SMS costs vary according to the service you select. Listed below are various formats

a) SMS PNR using google. Only send your 10 digit PNR number as the message (only the 10 digits, and no prefixes) to 9773300000. You’ll pay just the standard SMS costs. Google provides this service

b) Write IRPNR to 54959

[PNR amount] send SMS to 57886 for Standing of PNR

c) SMS PNR to 5676747, eg. PNR 2342368798

Self Help kiosks at railway stations

Selfhelp touch screen Kiosks installed at major railway stations across India. Just key in the PNR number and you may get the PNR status immediately.

Enquiry counters at railway stations / Internet booking centres

The status can be assessed together with the enquiry counter operator / railways booking operator at the railway station or at railway if the self help PNR kiosks are unavailable.

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